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What is Pune River Revival ?

Citizens of Pune want to revive and rejuvenate the rivers as free flowing clean rivers!

With the current Pune River Front project moving away from this objective, sensitive citizens & many concerned organizations have come together and formed this campaign called ‘Pune River Revival’. 

What is Pune River Rejuvenation Project

What is Pune River Rejuvenation Project-RFD (originally called as RiverFront Development )

It is mainly a river bank beautification project (mainly concretizing and building walls) by PMC & PCMC over 44kms stretch of Mula Mutha River. Out of 4700 crore nothing is allocated for Sewage treatment & cleaning the river.

For more details check.

If it’s a River rejuvenation project why the focus is not on the River, its cleaning, and bringing back her natural glory ?

What is Pune River Rejuvenation Project

How does RFD impact Pune Citizens ?

Not Improving Water Quality 
Currently we want our river to be cleaned, stop the sewage dumping for which 9 old to be upgraded and 11 new STP to be built (Sewage Treatment Plants) as per PMC’s planning. RFD has allocated Zero budget for this. Shouldn’t we first build STP ?

Impact on ground water
Building concrete walls on river banks will block live streams, impacting groundwater & river ecosystems. Wont this decrease our borewell water level ?

Increasing The Flood Risk
RFD proposal says River width is to be decreased, which will increase river by 5 feet, wouldn’t this increase risk of flooding during heavy rains and if all dams release water at same time considering climate change?

Destroying Biodiversity
Rivers are Rivers because of the rich biodiversity of natural streams, plants, fishes, animals, birds, trees, shrubs, rocks, soil, insects, thousands of such flora & fauna. With concretization all this will be irreversibly lost. Can concrete artificial beauty replace natural beauty ? Do we want to convert our living River into a dead Canal ?

Increase in temperature
RFD proposes cutting & transplanting thousands of 20+ years old trees & replacing them by thousands of new trees. These old natural trees are the only heat sinks for Pune. Can old trees be replaced by new plantations & wont it increase Pune temperature ?

How does RFD impact Citizens
How does RFD impact Citizens-2
How does RFD impact Citizens-3

Can PMC & PCMC assure Pune citizens won’t face any of these consequences ?

Pune Citizens Demands to Authorities !

  • First focus on cleaning the river, setting up STP, and stopping sewage in the river.
  • Allow the river to flow naturally & freely.
  • Save and protect the overall Ecology & Biodiversity for any work around river
  • Consider long term impacts on citizens like floods,groundwater & increase in temperature.
  • Climate change is a reality & must be considered in planning.
  • Consider Alternative proposal which will cost less than 50% to bring back the natural beauty of the river, make the river accessible, for all citizens to enjoy the natural beauty. Live and let Live.

Do check this Video, if you want to understand the exact issues in the RFD proposed plan
that is approved by PMC & PCMC costing Pune citizens approx 4700 crs !

“Save Mula Mutha, Save Pune !”