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Fast for a Healthy River

To raise awareness regarding PMC’s RFD Project, we conscious Punekars are doing a chain fast, that is, at least one person is fasting every day.

27th February 2023 marked ONE YEAR of CHAIN FASTING. In 366 days 180 people fasted for 553 times to save the rivers of Pune.

Join the Chain Fasting, minimum one person a day !

To schedule a day for your fast, please call Mukund Mavalankar on +91 98500 96628 or Vrunda Shete on +91 9869359081

On the day of your fast, all you need to do is:

Fast – don’t eat anything for 24 hours (12 am – 12 am). Can drink water or nimbu pani. (Please drink ORS as well if required).

Send an email to the officials on the day of your fast –

  1. Click on this link: Send Email
  2. Write your name at the beginning and end of the email.
  3. Click on the send button.

Send your photo for social media –

  1. Click your photo with a blank sheet/ cardboard.
  2. Using editing tools, put a slogan on blank paper or cardboard and a message on the photo about why you are fasting in not more than 50 words. (check the image down below to get an idea)
  3. Email your photo to so that we can have access to it, and can post it on respective social media accounts. In the email, please mention your full name, the date on which you fasted, your social media usernames (if any) and anything else you’d like to add.
  4. If you’re putting the photo on your personal social media accounts, please make sure to tag all the important accounts namely @rfdhataopunebachao, @punefff, @jeevitnadi, @pmc_pune and put hashtags like #StopPuneRFD and #FastingAgainstRFD

In case of any doubts or need for assistance, send an email to or call 98500 96628.

Ecological & Economical RFD gives hope, PMC RFD kills hope!

Names of the Conscious Citizens who have participated in Chain Fasting so far