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India River Week 21st to 27th November '22

Festival Schedule Events at Schools

This year in 2022, the theme of India River Week is Pune River Revival”. In line with this, the RIVER will be the Chief Guest of all our programs.

We are aware of the pathetic state of our rivers across India and Pune as well. Though Pune has rich Natural resources, the fast urbanization has been the major cause for degradation of our Rivers. The condition of rivers is further deteriorating due to excessive pollution, insufficient sewage treatment, encroachment, limited water in the rivers due to dams stopping all the flows. But the most important reason is the citizens are totally unaware about these fast deteriorating conditions and its consequences. We have forgotten that the Rivers give life to not only humans but also support life other than humans on this planet. Without our rivers, we wouldn’t have adequate drinking water and we would lose a vast amount of biodiversity. We are also forgetting that Climate Change has already entered our homes. If we take care of our rivers, they can provide us with water security, food security and also reduce the risk of flooding.

With the condition of rivers in mind, eight NGOs from different parts of India came together in Delhi in 2014 and constituted “India River Day” on November 28 every year. These organizations are INTACH, WWF India, Toxic Link, PEACE institute charitable trust, SANDRP, International Rivers, People’s Science Institute and Arghyam Trust. The main purpose of these NGOs was to understand the main problems of the rivers or the people whose health is affected and find new solutions. These organizations declared their vision to ‘get our rivers flowing’. India River Day has been celebrated since 2015.

Jeevitnadi had been celebrating “Muthai Mahotsav” since 2015. But this year a number of organizations have joined hands under the banner of “Aao Nadi Ko Jane” and “India River Week” to celebrate the rivers. PMC has come forward to give required support of the venue and connecting with PMC Primary schools etc.

Focus is on School Children. Main objective of these celebrations is to make the children understand the importance of rivers, know the rivers and make them think about what they can do for the rivers.

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Participate in the Clean-up drive on 26th Nov 2022, at below locations

Program for 26th
Cleanup drive locations
Placards by Children
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Swach Saurakshan 2023
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Save Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

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River Cyclothon

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