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Are our Rivers clean?

Do they carry clean water?

Would you like to go near our rivers?

If Your Answer is No, then this campaign is for
You, Your River, Your Health, Your Existence!

  • Indian Constitution:

    Under the Article 21 of the Indian Constitution, the right to clean water is guaranteed and no one can be deprived of it. The right to water has been protected as a fundamental human right as part of the right to life. Article  48A imposes a duty on the State to protect the environment from pollution by adoption of various measures.

    Article 51A[g] of the Indian constitution states that it shall be the duty of each and every Citizen of India to protect and improve the natural environment that includes lakes, rivers, forests and wildlife.

    On 20th March 2017, the Uttarakhand High Court ruled that the Ganga and Yamuna are legal and living bodies.


Rights of Rivers – My Responsibility!

“Save Mula Mutha, Save Pune !”